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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Minneapoline: Better Than Ever in the New Year

And it involves YOU!! I've been thinking for a while about getting the minneapoline to be more interactive. And thanks to a great suggestion from Jahna of Eclecticoiffeur, the minneapoline will be more of a cooperative effort starting in the new year. So, here's the deal; if you're out, and your friend has just the best outfit on, or you see someone who's clothes are screaming to be shown to the world, take a picture! Then send it to me at, include your name (so I can credit you), and where/when the photo was taken. And only recent shots; I don't want your candids from Jenny's drunken birthday party two summers ago. And, also, no obviously set-up shots or pictures of yourself in the mirror. Tacky. I'm also not going to guarantee I'll put up everything. I have to maintain some semblance of control, here :). But if it's different, creative, skillfully put together, or just one of those outfits you can't take your eyes off of, then we'd like to see it, too. I'd also like to hear more from you! I know y'all are out there. So, what are your feelings about minneapolis style? What going out/coming in? What things would you like to see more of/less of on this site? What places am I completely missing out on? etc etc


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