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Monday, February 12, 2007

2/12 University Dining Service

Hello friends,
I'm the new undercover fashion-finder in Minneapolis, Tyler. I hope together we can discover much inspiration and wonder.
Enough with that crap, here's some fashion:

This adorable girl was in line ahead of me at one of the many spectacular university cafeterias. I should have gotten a detail shot of the boots, they were pretty cute.



Grace Lanz said...

I wish i didn't look so confused in this picture. The boots are from "Rainbow" in the MOA, so they were a pretty cheap find. The funny thing is, i saw you at the fetish fashion show (my boyfriend modeled for it). I was wearing a little kid plastic firemans helmet and my friend was wearing a construction helmet, maybe you saw us?

Tyler said...

Holy crap, I considered taking your photo there also. I thought you guys were so cute in your black dresses and plastic hats.
Keep up the fashion.