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Friday, February 16, 2007

2/16 After Hours Party - Walker Art Center

This party was a goldmine, I could barely even start taking photos, the place was packed. The Walker is amazing for fashion culture.

She mentioned that she got the dress for free the day before.

This girl knows how to pose. The personality boosts the outfit to extremes.

The wooden handbag was her great-grandmothers. I love the bow on the dress. Teal is probably my favorite trend color right now.

Boys, take the cue from this guy and bump up the fashion innovation.

Bump it way up.

The polka dot sleeves were busting magically from her dress. Fantastic.

This is one of the nicest girls I've met. I run into her EVERYWHERE. It's kind of ridiculous. She is always dressed cute too.



Hedy said...

I want those red shoes in the first photo.

Shannon said...

Hey Tyler!
You took my picture too, but I don't see it! I'm a transplant from Nashville, Tn and had so much fun at The Waler After Hours! I was flattered you chose me, especially after seeing the other photos, they all look fabulous! 'Hope to see you again out and about.

Tyler said...

Oh no! I'm going to do a special post right now for you, Shannon. The post from last night got really long and your picture must have just gotten lost when I was typing...

justinph said...

You can check out the photobooth photos here, too:

justinph said...

Photobooth link

grace Lanz said...

joe burns!

(the boy in tight pants and red sunglasses/goggles)
i went to school with him, he's a member of two local bands, melodious owl and now.

Tyler said...

Holy crap! I love Melodious Owl! I can't believe I didn't recognize Joe, he totally signed my album at a concert.