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Friday, March 16, 2007

3/16 - Will Work For Food

I'm a big fan of the simple shaped sweater in muted browns with the coordinating crotch patch.

He had lots of interesting details on his sweater. Also check out the hat on the woman on the far left.

Back: I'm a big fan of all the piecing going on here. It appears to be a denim/leather vest on top of a leather coat. Again, a coordinating crotch patch. Do I detect a men's trend?

Front: Same guy. I like the jeans detailing on the knees/pockets.

I like coats with details.

Don't miss the tights. They remind of dental office artwork. Fantastic.


Janet said...

Crotch patch as fashion trend?
"My eyes! My eyes!"

Carissa said...

Crotch patch? I do not, or want, to understand.
However the femme in the white coat is lovely! I love the buttons.

Anonymous said...

The White Coat is from Urban Outfitters... they get the style every winter with some small variation, this year the coats buttons were felt as well, instead of last years plastic buttons.