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Thursday, April 26, 2007

4/26 - Ivy

I wanted to take this post to help support a local boutique that I've fallen in love with. Ivy's new men's location (1220 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis) has some of the best and most unique men's clothing for sale in Minneapolis. Although, as the starving student I am, they are a bit expensive for me, that certainly hasn't stopped me from picking up a few things. It gets tricky finding interesting clothes for men in Minneapolis, but Ivy definitely brings the shopping up a notch. Their new men's location is near International Market Square and their women's is still located in Calhoun Square.

*No, we do not get paid to plug shops. We just do what we can to encourage fashion culture in Minneapolis. Rest easy.*


Candid Cool said...

Beautiful store, and those black high tops I can just envision them on the right kind of person. (only wishing they had some online shopping)

Tyler said...

I know, I LOVE the black high-tops. The little straps on the toes remind me of shoes that you would see on the kids photographed for the Tokyo street fashion site (see the links list). I almost bought them, but realized that I've bought three pairs of sneakers in the past month.