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Friday, May 18, 2007

5/18 - Art-a-Whirl

Grey coat worn as a dress. Very charming.

There are a lot of subtle layers of detail that help to take this outfit to the next level. The blouse features patterns and details that add depth to the first-noticed lace(click the images to enlarge). The bag is composed of woven leather strips. Make sure you also check out her shoes and the zipper detail at the bottom of her engineer-striped jeans.


Anonymous said...

The girl in the last photo loves urban outfitters.. everything she is wearing except the shoes is from there.

Anonymous said...

The outfit in the last photos is so fun and it will definately be inspiration for me. Also, i love the haircut!

Candid Cool said...

Really beautiful clothes.

The printed dress is absolutely amazing. The grey coat is so beautiful. And I like all the details on the 3rd.