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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Madness on the Minneapoline!

Two big things will soon be happening to the Minneapoline:

1) I’m traveling to Eastern Europe and you’re coming with me!

I will brave the inevitable, heavily awkward encounters with foreign-speakers so that you can see the best styles of Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg. (You try explaining to Slavic speakers why you want to take their picture) But beware, just because I’m gone doesn’t mean Minneapolis can let its guard down. Ellen, my partner in crime, will still be here scouring the streets and she can get pretty nasty if anyone seems to let their fashion slip. So you either need to dress your best or go purchase a mouth-guard. Also, you want to make sure you’re uber-hot for #2

2) The Minneapoline will whip out its big guns for its first ever street fight.

Our jeans are tight, our switchblades are pulled, and our dance shoes are tied for the biggest street war since West Side Story. Starting July 1st, street style blogs will go head-to-head in Street Clash ( ) a battle royale to find the best of the best in the street fashion world. Make sure to check often and to vote for the Minneapoline (actually, vote for whoever you think is best, we’re all about playing fair) and see who comes out on top.


Marina said...

"You try explaining to Slavic speakers why you want to take their picture" hm. I'm a Slav and I'm slightly offended by this.. not cool..

Tyler said...

Meaning non-English-speaking Slavs, as our langages have very few words in common. Much different from trying to communicate with other European languages that share a lot of words with English. Not a bash on Slavs at all.