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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Street Clash!

The war of the street fashion is on!

Go to right now and place your rankings. The Minneapoline is on the fourth row. For round one we chose to feature the lovely Hilary in all her spandex glory. Make sure to give her the best rank you can (actually, give her whatever rank you think is fair, we're really not that competetive). Make sure to tell all of your friends and check back often. The top rankings of this round move on the the one-on-one street fashion tournament next week.

Also, sorry about the lack of recent postings. I am currently just past half way through my Eastern European tour and will have much euro-fashion to display once I get home.

Have I mentioned the street war yet?


Arsheen said...

hey well done guys, cool pic...we voted for you!

Missy said...