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Monday, October 01, 2007

STREET CLASH!! - Minneapolis Takes Round 3

Wow guys, we did it again! This time beating out a blog I really look up to, The Commodified. This puts us in the top 8 and makes me quite proud of what Minneapolis can produce. Keep it up, we'll need some good ammunition for our battle against Johannesburg's SuperSneakyStreetScene.

What can we expect to see on The Minneapoline in the next few weeks?

1) We have piles more photos from MN Fashion weekend, cumulating in an online battle royale for best-dressed attendee to Eclecticoiffeur's Cotillion. The voting will take place right here and the winner will get some pretty spectacular prizes from l'etoile magazine and, Minneapolis' favorite stylists, Eclecticoiffeur.

2) Our previously mentioned virtual street-war with Johannesburg. You bring the switchblades.

3) More spectacular fashion inspiration found right here in Minneapolis, of course.

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