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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Store opening--Buffalo Exchange

They carry consignment, thrift, designer, high-street, and vintage clothing. From the press release:

According to Shecky's Chicago fashion blog: "Buffalo Exchange carries pricey designers like Diane von Furstenberg, La Rok, Marc Jacobs, and Cynthia Steffe, gently worn at a fraction of the price."

Also, clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded directly with customers. Used clothes can be traded for any item in the store, including new clothing. The inventory includes designer wear, basics, vintage, jeans, leather, and one-of-a-kind items.

COATS FOR CUBS. Give your furs back to the animals! Through April 22, 2008, bring your real fur apparel, including trims, accessories and shearling to Buffalo Exchange and let them know it's a donation for Coats for Cubs. Since you're donating to The Humane Society of the United States, condition is unimportant. Used furs provide bedding and comfort to orphaned and injured wildlife.

Buffalo Exchange is located on Lyndale and 27th—it opened on Monday. If anyone's been, leave a comment and tell us how it is!


morgen said...

i've been to buffalo in portland and albuquerque and i have to say that they suck. nowhere have i seen a marc jacobs or a dvf. more like overpriced target, u.o., and j.c.penney brands, or indie brands that couldn't get accounts with better retailers. not trying to be cynical, but i hope mpls location includes more designer and vintage. then again, i should probably just support stores like lula or everyday people instead of some huge chain.

LV said...

On a recent trip to an out-of-town Buffalo Exchange, I scored a gorgeous Gucci couture top and Prada t-shirt for under $125. The B.E. here might be a bit challenged, since this isn't exactly the fashionista hotbed of the world- you really need to have a good supply of clothing that's coming in from (and being cast off by) the surrounding community. Since designer wear is (very, very) slowly becoming more popular here, maybe chances are increasing for finding some great pieces. Good luck!

Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston said...

The Buffalo Exchange was started by some people in San Francisco in the late sixties. They had a warehouse full of vintage clothing which inspired the business. It has been a sort of landmark because it was born out of a group of people who started paving paths and opening doors for the sexual revolution, artists, and feminism. There is more on these topics and the Buffalo Exchange in Ann Powers "Weird Like Us : My Bohemian America". Cheers to the store in uptown.
Also I would like to add, in my opinion Minneapolis street fashion has bloomed yet still remains a bit behind the times.

jannette said...

I used to live in Tucson, where Buffalo Exchange is based, and lived just a few blocks from their offices. On the positive side, I would not characterize them as a huge chain, but... Buffalo Exchange is pretty comparable to Ragstock-- particularly the cheapie trendy new stuff, like plastic cats-eye sunglasses.

The main difference is that they buy clothing from the general public. They're oddly picky about what they'll purchase from you, since this never seemed to translate into an interesting or quality inventory. I remember it being mostly Target and Express-- pretty much nothing by "real" designers, and only a little bit of decent vintage stuff. Not to rain on any parades, but I have had better luck at TJ Maxx.

annaannoula said...

I visited the Minneapolis Buffalo Exchange and LOVED IT! Great selection of contemporary and vintage clothes, cool one-of-a-kind accessories, designer handbags, vintage signed jewelry! The coolest thing is that you can bring in clothes, shoes, and accessories you are not wearing anymore and they will price them: they offer you 50% store credit or 30% cash. I found a PRADA handbag for $75, a COACH handbag for $25, a RALPH LAUREN cashmere scarf for $10, some lovely vintage signed jewelry! FANTASTIC concept, friendly employees, great selection: I will go back soon!