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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2/2 - BACKSTAGE PASS: University of Minnesota Senior Fashion Show

The Minneapoline has the inside scoop on who’s going to be shaking up the Minneapolis fashion scene. These designers are the best of their class and, with ‘Intro to Biology’ long behind them, they’re going to be ripping this city to shreds. There’s something for everyone in this post, spandex-haters, however, may have to avert their eyes from the sparkling plastic sheen that is to come.

Hilary Falk (left) with menswear design 'Sweat.'

I love how minimalist and modest this piece by Wesley Martin is while still not ignoring personality.

Conjoined hair twins (aka 'Pure Love') by Andrea Vargo.

Keeley Dunn (left) with her bustled mini-dress and jacket design. Contact:

'Dung Beetle' by Kate Troutman. Contact:

Marbleized fabric by Chess Rojas.

Designs by Rebecca Gunthrie.

Designs by Rebecca Gunthrie (Rebecca middle)

Wedding gown by Kira Schlepp. I'm not too found of formal wedding gowns myself, but I fell in love with this dress when I saw the asymmetry, irregular layers, and knit elements peaking out. The fabric choice, color, and construction were perfect.


Amy said...

It was such a fun show! I uploaded my photos to flickr.

Candid Cool said...

the 2nd to last hair is pretty cool

Susan Marie said...

HI! The University of Minnesota Senior Fashion Show 2010 is on Feb. 6th, 2010. Thought you would be interested!

Here is the website:

If you have any questions:

Thank you,
Susan Marie Dordal

Director of Public Relations