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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Guest Blogger Sessions

Hey all,

Introducing the Guest Blogger Sessions on the Minneapoline!

The specs:

One week out of every month starting in April, a local personality from the fashion, arts, or music scene will be taking over the Minneapoline with their pics.

I'm super excited about this! Here's the line-up:

April: JAHNA PELOQUIN, from Eclecticoiffeur and fashion writer for

May: THE MOONGOONS, cryptic harbingers of hustle

June: ANGIE HANSON, L'etoile magazine's Life and Style editor

July: RA'MON-LAWRENCE, fashion designer extraordinaire

August: EMMA BERG, from, and local fashion icon


Marina said...

this is gonna be goood...

Anonymous said...

don't you ever get bored of featuring the same few people in the minneapolis fashion scene? there are other people in this city who know a thing or two about style besides the usual suspects you have listed in this post. it's just so predictable!

ellen said...

I know there are! This city is teeming. If you have any ideas for people, definitely shoot me an email, I'm open to suggestions.

white shoes said...

the moongoons? seriously? how about someone of actual substance...

Tyler said...

We only chose people of substance. That's why we chose the Moongoons.

As Ellen explained above, if you have other ideas please send us an email.