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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

barbette and the walker


Anonymous said...

Wow! These people are all GORGEOUS and have great style!

Albert said...


Anonymous said...

Finally! Thank you Minneapoline. There are people who wear great fashion in Minneapolis that does not involve a bunch of costumed 80's throw up at Too Much Love. Keep it up. This is the stuff that people want to see.

vadim-kontra said...

- I was wondering - how do you go though all the summer wearing something like that and hardly getting any tan? ;)
oh...nevermind me

Anonymous said...

once again...thanks for some totally uninspired regurgitations of urban outfitters mannequins. bravo.

Butterfly Eyes said...

yellow shirt girl (last pic) looks adorable. but, seriously- did the blogger just have all her friends dress up hipster-like then line them up for a photograph? 'cause that's what it looks like. not exactly what I'd call "street style."