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Friday, August 08, 2008

Guest Blogger Sessions


Anonymous said...

did anyone see the adbusters article that basically said hipsters are a scourge on american culture?

Anonymous said...

it's annoying.

vadim-kontra said...

... Its so can browse about 3-4 pages of this blog and not find any sort of relevant piece of clothing at all. This is whats wrong with Minneapolis. Hipsters. Thrift store hipsters. And nothing else. People who care about clothing either have no money - or have them, but have no opinion of their own. And since there's not a single store that sells any sort of forward looking styles - the "general public" of this city considers Urban Outfitters or thrift stores as the main source of above mentioned "style".
At the end everyone looks the same , including myself.
P.S. Stop shooting the first person you see in something flashy or shiny. Look around. There are some really cool looking older people in this city.

Anonymous said...

Shudder shades are deff a fashion no no. STOP wearing them! Screams I'M A TOOL! Same with wedges. Wedges are the worst.

In response to Vadim-Kontra. PLEASE please please enlighten us with what you would consider a relevant piece of clothing...

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with vadim-kontra. A vast majority of the photos on this site feature what could only be described as the sad state of fashion in Minneapolis. Not only are these photos not inspirational, they are embarrassing. As far as finding a relevant piece of clothing, refer to The Sartorialist. I understand nobody is perfect, including myself, but trying finding people that are not an embarrassment to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

hey now, there aint nothing wrong with going to thrift stores, it trumps the GDP and doesn't support places like Urban Outfitters that get their products overseas, IT'S GOOD can be poor and have style. little bit too cynical there, VK

vadim-kontra said...

- The relevant piece of clothing is the piece that is timeless. A piece that you buy - and let it grow old with you. Acid wash jeans and neon wayfarer knockoffs are not one of them.
- There's nothing wrong with thrift stores - absolutely nothing. There's just something wrong with walking into a bar or a gallery that smells like mothballs because of all the clothing on people. I go to thrift stores but too much of anything is bad. In Minneapolis thrift store clothing became mundane.
I know Im a little bit out of line here and maybe Im being way to cynical. So I apologize. But after looking on the last posts of this blog I got pissed. Who are those people? It truly is embracing.
Style is style, but "Fashion" describes something that Paris Hilton is wearing these days.
There's nothing better for a guy to wear than a good t-shirt, proper jeans and well made shoes. But then nobody will shoot you for a blog ;)

P.S. I really dont want to see more of this

ellen said...

Anon #1--Juliet, is that you? :)
If it's not Juliet, I did see that article, it was awesome.

Yes! We do need better stores here. At some point I hope to go to a local store and see Rachel Comey, Acne, APC, etc. Actually, just those three and I'd be happy forever.

And, yes, there are tons of cool looking older people in this city. Do you want to know how many of them want their picture taken for a "blog"? Pretty much none. One elderly woman actually ran away from me like I was going to steal her purse. That makes you feel bad for a while.

And if y'all are looking for three piece suits ad nauseam, please, PLEASE do go over to the Sart. Love the Sartorialist, but relevant to the everyman/woman, it is not.

And I'm so sorry I'm embarrassing Anon #4. I feel SO BAD. Really. I just hope that you're so mad and embarrassed that you don't look at this blog again. Because I wouldn't want to upset your further. You're obviously very sensitive. And nice.

Whoa, somebody call the catty police, because I'm going to jail!

vadim-kontra said...

There's no market here for better clothing stores. No one is ready to pay for Ann Demeulemeester or Viridi Anne, Julius or even Nom de Guerre. No one including me. But maybe a store like Context Clothing in Madison or Oak in nyc could survive.

ellen said...

Yeah, I would love an Oak-ish type store. It would be an interesting poll to see if people think that would work here...

hilary said...

I have made several Oak knockoff pieces for Tyler, and everyone in town used to lose their shit over them. Oak is great because it is tasteful but impeccably innovative- something this city could really benefit from.

colleen said...

vadim-kontra .. hah! I did agree w/ you, until I seen your link! Its me! Why soooo serious? Relax, it was for Leslie & the lys, completely appropriate for that show, ahem.. jem sequin sweater!! ndb. I've seen loads of ppl dress for the occassion. Oh jeepers.

Nancy said...

Yes, everybody, let's listen closely to vadim-kontra and dress "properly" and never be caught dead in anything but "relevant" pieces!! Let's all sit around the fire with brooms stuck up our butts too!! We wouldn't want to embarrass ourselves with a little fun! NEVER!!! We should all have the same ideas on style and describe others' fashion as "sad"! Fashion is a very, very serious matter!
P.S. Try dressing like this for once and you could, quite possibly, make the people around you a little happier.