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Saturday, October 24, 2009

jolly good

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Fall in Minnesota usually means cool, dry air, crunchy leaves and blue skies with a few big billowy cumulous clouds. Not this year. It's been raining. All the time. And sometimes there's snow, like yesterday when I went out to the Mill City Tweed Ride to take pictures. I wish I could have taken more, but by the end I couldn't feel my hands. Maybe I needed a nice tweed cape, and a fur muff, like the Mill City riders— they didn't seem cold. But their rosy faces could be attributed to the flasks of whiskey, as well...I have a few more pics, and I'll be posting those in a few weeks.


vadim-kontra said...

Always had a weak spot for tweed, herringbone, tartan and glen plaid, houndstooth and ... fox hunting. So how can I not love this.

ellen said...

because you hate fun. :)

vadim-kontra said...

Ouch... that will leave a scar.

ellen said...

I kid because I love.