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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Avoid the Grey fashion show

The show was put on by Cliché boutique and was held at the Old Arizona Theater in Minneapolis. If I've attributed any of the outfits to the wrong designer, let me know!

Kathryn Sterner

Amanda Christine




Cecylia said...

Wow the 1st picture was my favourite. I love the vintage books!

Caroline said...

I really like the Kathryn Sterner outfit!

台灣 said...
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MaryBeth Hughes said...

i love the first outfit. the dress is so spring-ee!

Cameron said...

What splendid catwalk views! Was First Avenue someone you encountered outside this show?

ellen said...

No, First Avenue is a rock club here. Guess I should be more specific!

Patrik said...

I've actually seen a lot of scarves like those shown by Amanda Christine, but in a winter weight fabric or a knit. While I'd question the ability of the scarf (or is it a shawl?) to keep you warm, it creates an interesting line. Especially for somebody with a longer face.

Michelle said...

these were some fabulous designs, but you left out my favorite- new comer jfi by Rachel de Lange!