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Friday, March 23, 2007

3/23 - Downtown, Gaviidae Commons

Urban fashion fashion makes up a large chunk of what is seen in the Twin Cities. The more of it I view, the more I get to pondering why this type of men's clothing culture is largely swept under the rug by the fashion community. If we search these outfits subjectively we see a lot of what can be regarded as good, innovative, and up-to-date fashion. We view colors matching trend reports, interesting shapes, experimental proportions (dare I say similar to Yohji Yamamoto), meticulously well-groomed men, outfits that have been carefully composed, and even a sense of irony in some cases (see above t-shirt). These men care what they look like and clearly put a lot of effort into it while creating a dramatic affect. Why is it then that so little attention is paid? Does it really boil down to a race and social class issue? What are your thoughts?


motherland said...

I think that now that brands like BAPE and Cassette Playa etc are getting alot of attention, urban street style is as well. Long awaited, much deserved.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, African Americans don't have the privilege of looking sloppy. Crisp pant seams, matching clothing, clean shoes. This fashion comes out of necessity (bright colors due to invisibility) and a history of oppression. The important thing to keep in mind is African American people don't have the option of rolling out the door in their messy, around the house weekend clothes. If they do people often assume they are poor, dangerous or inadequate. It is necessary for white people to see that privilege is a part in every aspect of our lives, including clothing.

Michelle said...

It's a great point you make in this post. As a fashion-fan who lives on the Northside, I often marvel at the array of colorful, unique outfits I see on the young men here. There's definitely a lot of thought and creativity that goes into their fashion-making, and style that goes beyond what they see on the rappers that many of them idolize.
Thanks for pointing it out. Love the blog!