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Friday, March 23, 2007

3/23 - Early Spring in Minneapolis makes me think of...

sophisticated coats in parks,
(Father Hennepin Bluff Park)

flannel shirts on bikes,
(Kitty Kat Club)

girls in vintage clothes with fliers,
(Esspresso Royale, Dinky Town)

and sweater vests with coffee at night.
(Espresso Royale, Dinkytown)

These are my first shots with my new camera. What do you think? The night shot still needs work, but he was back lit so it could have been much worse.


Arsh said...

oooh coffee at night....that's what i miss about America! love the shots by your new camera Tyler, what kind is it??

Tyler said...

It's the newest Sony Cyber-shot, the DSC-W90. It's tiny, so I can carry it around everywhere, and takes great low-light shots without a flash.

Arsh said...

cool, i've been waiting for the Sony Cybershot W80 one here in Irl but they still don't have it, kinda annoying. Maybe I'll just order it off the web! great photos

Arsh said...

by the way did u use a flash for this last pic? or is taht w/o flash??

Tyler said...

That last one is with flash.