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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5/30 - Downtown: Nicollet Ave

Although most Minnesotans would probably tell you otherwise, I really believe that style has no age limits. This woman stands out nicely and easily by sticking with black and white (keeping it sophisticated and fresh) while also acknowledging trends of today (notice the metallic ballet flats and plastic jewelry).

I think it's great when maternity wear would like stylish even if it weren't maternity wear. I love the shoes. Be sure to notice the texture of the shirt and the wood belt-buckle. This ain't your mama's maternity wear.

She was embarrassed to be caught not wearing make up. I think the lack of make up keeps the outfit appearing natural and effortless.


Anonymous said...

Best subjects yet. I'd love to see more people and photos like this on Minneapoline.

Anonymous said...

grandma is fab. I love the elderly.

Alexis said...

Ditto these comments.

I work downtown one day a week and the street fashion is totally inspiring. The clothing retail staff from the stores along Nicollet Mall could fill pages of The Minneapoline!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I like reading the Minneapolotine- it's so fun to see people out and about. Great eye for outfits. However, I think your blog would really benefit if you avoided CLEARLY biting the EXACT STYLE of the Sartorialist. Let's face it: with a fashion career (and photography skills) like his, plus his jet-setting ways, you're never going to do what he does better than him. So why try? We've got our own thing going on here in the TC- you know as well as I do that we are NOT just a cheap NYC knockoff (in frumpier clothes)! It's a great thing you're doing- I know you can make it even better!!
My recommendations: quit stealing his writing voice ("note the obvious/miniscule detail...") and come up with your own individual tone, and maybe just focus on the photos more in general. I think that's what everyone wants to see, anyway.
Keep it up! You're really on to something.

Anonymous said...

this is a welcome departure from the usual seasonal-trend victims/hipsters. keep it up, it's refreshing!

omgliketotallywtf said...

She was embarrassed about being seen without wearing make up....
thats pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

omgliketotallywtf... Ease up and empathize - when people are caught off guard with compliments asking to be photographed for having style, its a natural response for some individuals to dismiss the attention by pointing to a perceived flaw.

Obviously she has strength and confidence to dress boldly.

Keep it up Minneapoline!