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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MADISON - State Street

What I love about State Street is that it is usually the boys who get to innovate.


Amy said...
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Candid Cool said...

Snazzy business card.

Interesting eccentricity of the 2nd man, he's hard to figure. I'd be interested to know his story...?

The messenger bag has a beautiful patina.

And the last shot, clothing wise it's very simple, but there's such a cool vibe to him that really shows through.

Tyler said...

I totally agree about the last guy.

The second guy is named Ricardo (sp?) he is an artist. After taking his photo he directed me towards a gallery to see his work. He had a beautiful stylized pieces of a man and woman in a garden with a devil.

bucket of suds said...

In reference to the first in this series; I killed a man w/ similar inclinations as this. Eerie.